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A diagnostic ultrasound uses sound waves to provide an image of organs and tissues so that your doctor may identify a problem. Our team uses ultrasound to monitor and confirm your baby’s health during pregnancy. We also turn to ultrasound technology to diagnose numerous other concerns regarding women’s reproductive health.

Ultrasound done in pregnancy

  • Monitor your baby’s growth

  • Confirm your due date

  • Screen for birth defects

  • Check your baby’s anatomy (3D and 4D ultrasounds can give your doctor a closer look at specific areas)

  • Diagnose an ectopic pregnancy

  • Identify problems with the placenta

A pelvic ultrasound also may provide your doctor information about:

  • Fertility problems, including structure of the uterus and ovaries

  • Cancer of the uterus, ovaries or bladder

  • Growths, such as fibroids or cysts, that can cause pain or abnormal bleeding

  • Tissue that may help in diagnosing endometriosis

Ultrasound for breast cancer diagnosis

Breast ultrasounds can be crucial in differentiating between cancerous and noncancerous growths, such as fibroadenomas and lipomas-fatty lumps.

Ultrasounds do not use radiation and they are performed in our office by trained and certified technicians. Our doctors work with our sonographers to carefully review and interpret the images from your ultrasound to obtain all details to help in pregnancy management or diagnosing a health issue.

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Randall Starcher, MD

Jason Hoppe, DO

Megan Staub, MD


Diane Kreitzer, NP

Julianne Yang Kar, MD

Sunitha Jagadish, MD

Melissa Vassas, DO

Eldy Lazaroff, NP

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