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The Second Trimester

14-16 Weeks

  • Finger prints appear on fingers
  • Rapid growth spurt under way
  • Muscles develop, begins kicking and moving in amniotic sac
  • Skin transparent and thin, blood vessels seen through the skin
  • Vocal cords develop
  • 5” in length
  • Weighs 6 oz.

18 Weeks

  • Fine protective hair develops
  • Fingernails and toenails appear
  • Sucking reflex begins

20 Weeks

  • Hair on head and eyebrows
  • Vernix develops
  • May hiccough
  • Has periods of waking and sleeping
  • 9-10” in length
  • Weighs 8-10 oz.

24 Weeks

  • Strong grip reflex develops
  • Responds to loud noises
  • Becomes very active
  • 11-14” in length
  • Weighs 1-1.5 lbs.

The second trimester – your body


The uterus continues to grow. By about the 14th week, it has risen into the abdominal cavity. By about the 20th week, it is at the level of the navel. The movements of the fetus usually are felt at about 20-22 weeks. A woman who has already been pregnant may notice these movements earlier. Mild Braxton-Hicks, or false labor contractions, may be felt.


The joints in the pelvis soften. This helps the baby fit through the pelvis during delivery. You may feel tenderness in the joints as a result.


The tissues of the vagina soften and become more elastic to prepare for delivery.


Some women may notice a clear, yellow fluid called colostrum on their nipples.


The digestive system has slowed down, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed for your baby’s growth. As a result, many women experience constipation.


By 24 weeks, a woman’s blood supply has increased by 40-60%. Because of this, some women experience headaches or have difficulty sleeping. Swelling is common. This increased circulation also could cause a woman to have leg cramps, to perspire more, and to have increased nasal congestion.

Linea nigra

A dark line may appear from the navel to the pubic hair line due to hormone changes. This will fade after delivery, it may not totally disappear.

Stretch marks

Red or pink lines may appear on the abdomen, thighs or breasts because of the stretching of the skin in these areas. These lines will fade after delivery and may appear silvery white in color.

Mask of pregnancy

Dark, blotchy areas may appear on the face due to hormone changes. These usually fade or disappear after pregnancy.

Emotional changes

For many women, this is the most pleasurable time of pregnancy, a time when they begin to feel better and have more energy. A woman feels the baby moving and now looks pregnant; often others show more interest in her.

Dreams at this time may be very real and disturbing. Dreaming about a misfortune to mother or the baby is common. Talk to your healthcare provider about your concerns.

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