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Be aware of risks, symptoms of Group B Strep infection

Twenty years ago, July was designated International Group B Strep Awareness Month, yet many parents continue to be unaware of what this infection is and how it can impact their babies. This year, we encourage you to take this opportunity to get the facts about Group B...

Annual mammograms critical to women’s health

Annual mammograms critical to women’s health

Scheduling that annual mammogram – it’s easy to put off and misconceptions may prompt some women to avoid it. Are there risks involved? Does the procedure always detect a cancer? Are women misdiagnosed due to a false positive? The truth is the benefits of regular...

Focus on health during summer with Covid 19

Predicting the spread, behavior, and containment of coronavirus has been nearly impossible for health experts around the world. Symptoms continue to vary and evolve while best practices to prevent spread remain somewhat uncertain. Models using past pandemics suggest...

Beat colon cancer with early diagnosis

Beat colon cancer with early diagnosis

Approximately 140,000 people learn they have colon cancer every year in our country. While some 50,000 die each year from it, the good news is that many are learning their diagnosis early enough to successfully treat the disease. The goal in designating March Colon...

See your doctor for heavy menstrual bleeding, pain

See your doctor for heavy menstrual bleeding, pain

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heavy menstrual bleeding, frequently accompanied by severe pain, is one of the most common issues women report to doctors. Yet many women, especially teens and young women, don’t seek treatment from their...

Healthy Valentine’s Day

Your heart health is important every day, but on Valentine’s Day we are reminded that heart disease is as much a woman’s problem as a man’s. February has featured the Go Red For Women campaign since 2004, reminding women to be aware of the risks of heart disease and...

Support for caregivers key to health, happiness

Family caregivers may be men or women, young or old, but they all are giving abundantly of themselves to provide for loved ones who need them. Some 90 million Americans are estimated to provide care for loved ones with disabilities, disease or illness, or who are...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As we enter Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019, questions continue to be raised about the value of mammograms. That fact is, technology today provides screening and diagnostic options that can be more effective whatever your circumstances, and possibly save your life....

Scleroderma – Be Aware of the Signs

It may appear to be nothing more than a dry patch of skin, but when that patch becomes hard, thickens, becomes stiff, it could be scleroderma, a type of autoimmune disease. Understanding this disease is key to preventing damage to your skin and, potentially, your...

Increasing Your Water Intake

Increase Water Intake For Weigh Loss It only takes a single step to begin on the journey of your life. Why not begin on a journey of having a healthier lifestyle? After all, you only have one body, and you are stuck in it no matter what during this life time....

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