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What does OBGYN stand for?

It’s not hard to figure out that OBGYN is the abbreviation for Obstetrics and Gynecology. It’s a common label seen by many women on a regular basis. It can also be abbreviated as OB/GYN, OBG, O&G, or other variations, although OBGYN seems to be the most common. While most people know that such an abbreviation is associated with the medical field, they may not be aware of what those particular medical fields specialize in.

The GYN stands for gynecology. What is gynecology? Gynecology is the medical practice or area which deals with diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system. A gynecologist treats women of all ages for different issues concerning their reproductive systems. The services a gynecologist provides include an array from annual exams and pap smears to specialized treatment for menstrual disorders and gynecological surgeries.

The OB stands for obstetrics. What is obstetrics? Obstetrics is the medical field involving the care of women and their children during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal periods. The services of an OB can range anywhere from performing check-ups and ultrasounds to treating and monitoring high risk pregnancies and complications.

Most obstetricians are gynecologists, and vice versa, meaning that they perform both specialties. It’s not very often that one does not go hand in hand with the other since both areas deal with the female reproductive system. But, sometimes doctors will prefer one specialty over the other.

While all women should see a gynecologist regularly, they may never have a need to see an obstetrician. So whether you need services from an OB or just a GYN, Stark Women’s Center has the professional health care every woman is looking for and any woman can appreciate. If you’re looking for a OBGYN in the Canton, Ohio area give us a call today!